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Speakln is a product that most organisation needs. The sheer ability to learn from practitioners has shortened the learning time of my employees. I see them more engaged and gradually moving out of their silos. 

Sudakshina Bhattacharya – President and CHRO at HDFC ERGO

Number of expert options to choose from is unbelievable. Top that up with curation on SpeakIn platform, perfect place to find the right coaches and experts for our continuous requirements. Especially when there are too many people claiming to be experts.

Tom Mills – Managing Director at Two Oceans Strategy


Discover your path to action with Find a Coach™ – our platform guides you into motion through a few seamless steps

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Set goals

Pick a coach

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Find a Coach™ platform offers a comprehensive learning package that encompasses diverse eLearning resources such as blogs, podcasts, and videos. Additionally, participants benefit from 12 scheduled live learning sessions with certification, along with exclusive access to a global network of over 1000 highly sought-after experts and coaches.

Psychometric Assessment

eLearning Videos, Podcasts and Blogs

Live Learning Sessions



Find a Coach™ is India’s leading learning platform to book 1:1 Coaching with the most in-demand experts and for group learning via highly curated live learning sessions with some of the top global experts.
Coach Profile


Mark is a sought-after speaker, trainer, and executive coach, specialising in Leadership and Innovation, based in Singapore. Mark is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) – one of only 15% of speakers globally with this qualification - the speaking profession's highest earned designation, based on revenue, bookings and performance. Mark is one of a handful of speakers/trainers in Singapore with this qualification.

Mark is Co-Founder of Anagram Group, a corporate training company which won the British Chamber of Commerce's 'Future of Work' award for its work in helping organisations transform through Innovation, Design Thinking and Ideathons. He works with over 550+ government and corporate clients in Singapore, Asia and the UK through his training company, through Innovation keynote speeches, Innovation workshops, Ideathons in a wide range of industries ranging from finance, to tech, to education.

Coach Profile


Avneet Kohli is an award-winning Presenter, Image Consultant, Impact & Communication Coach & Inspirational Speaker. Over 8 years, Avneet built herself to one of India's leading presenter's by working with nearly 300 reputed brands across business and lifestyle genres. The likes of Apple, Samsung, Amazon, L'oreal, Google and the Trump Organization have been on her client list for high profile Events & Television content.

Along with influential events, she has also delivered branded content for various TV channels like BBC, Colors, CNBC TV 18, CNN IBN, Bloomberg, & TV, Times & ET Now. Endorsing her reputation in the industry, is her accomplishment of being awarded the Best Presenter(Female) at the Live Quotient Awards, 2015. She believes being able to express your ideas with clarity and impact is the first step to be taken to make any dream a reality. True to this cause, she curates life and skill enhancement learning programs, trainings, events and digital content to assist others enhance their communication skills and build confidence.

Coach Profile


The internationally bestselling author of Softening the Edge, the host of Empathy for Breakfast 365 and the founder of a first of its kind social education and inspiration platform, Empathy Everywhere. Aspirational yet accessible, with a charismatic and infectious screen presence. An author, keynote speaker, MC and deeply personable consultant, with over 15 years in the advertising industry across 25+ markets, her commitment to her craft is both contagious and utterly authentic, capturing audience instantly.

Coach Profile


Aarti Gupta is the Chief Investment Officer at DBR Ventures. She also holds office as a senior management professional at Jagran Group, a business house with interests spanning across media & communications, education, real estate, and hosiery exports

She has been managing and executing the investment strategy for the group which is aligned with the promoter’s values. Ms. Gupta has been involved in diversifying the family’s portfolio through angel investments and is currently working with two investment firms as a limited partner.

Coach Profile


Aditya Ghosh led Indigo as President to become the market leader in the airline industry through innovation and strategic thinking, despite slow economic growth. Recognised as one the top business icons of today, he has been awarded India's Hottest Young Executive by the Business Today magazine and has received the GQ Businessman of the Year award and the CNN-IBN Indian of The Year in the business category. He is currently on the board of FabIndia and OYO Rooms.

Coach Profile


Mr. Tandon, traditionally a stand-up comedian, launched Grandmasters of Comedy, a company focused on bringing comedy to the corporate world. He has performed over 1200 comedy shows in all the major cities in India and across the globe. He has done international shows across US, UK, London, Melbourne and Thailand among other.

He also hosts a weekly show on Radio City 91.1. Amit had started his TV journey with CEO's Got Talent, telecasted on CNBC TV 18. He is one of the first comedians featured on NDTV, Rising Stars of Comedy. His videos have gone viral on social media crossing 50 million views. His Keynote speeches are both humorous and inspiring. Mr. Tandon, traditionally a stand-up comedian, launched Grandmasters of Comedy, a company focused on bringing comedy to the corporate world.

Coach Profile


Adeline Tiah is an accomplished marketer & corporate leader with > 20 years’ experience across top banks, telco and startups. She is passionate about building brands and high-performance teams. Having worked for both corporate as well as startups in which she helped grow the business from 0 to 1, and scale from 10 to 100, she understands organisational health is instrumental in business success. The leadership and employees’ mindset determine an organisation’s health. A mindset of agility and growth will be a competitive advantage for many businesses in a highly disruptive world.

Her career journey and experience from coaching over 250 clients have provided insights on why we need to embrace a permanent reinvention mindset to thrive in an uncertain world., this inspired our latest book.

Coach Profile


Dr Timothy Low was awarded the “50 Most Talented Healthcare Leaders of Asia” in 2016. He was subsequently awarded “Best CEO of the Year” at the Asia Healthcare Excellence Award in 2017. Over 30 years medical experience, displaying the vision and values necessary to lead transformation which maximise people, asset value and long-term growth, delivering exceptional results across service leadership to customers and healthcare professionals. With a demonstrated history of achieving success through new operational start-ups and operational turnarounds, earned a reputation as someone who is a high end achiever and innovative leader in Asia- pacific.

Coach Profile


With an international career spanning over 30 years in corporate and multinational organizations, Kevin has developed skills in general management, strategic and business development, product development, branding, marketing, distribution, channel management, customer servicing, payment solutions, loyalty, customer experience and talent development & management.

Kevin Kan is a multi-award-winning Professional Coach, mentor, mediator & business leader. With an international career spanning over 30 years in corporate and multinational organizations, Kevin has held management consulting and senior executive management positions in organizations such as AIMIA, American Express, Hewlett-Packard (HP), IBM, PwC Consulting & KPMG Consulting.

Coach Profile


Doris Pickering is an engaging, energetic and charismatic entrepreneur who conducts speaking and presentation training programs to ambitious business owners and professionals who are ready to improve their public speaking skills. She was a former employee of She has enjoyed a successful corporate career in companies such as LSI Logic, Philips Semiconductor and HP .After leaving the Silicon Valley high tech world, Doris launched her own public speaking and presentation training business, 'Silicon Valley Speaks'

Coach Profile


Gordon’s a highly sought-after keynote speaker on Leadership, Employee Engagement and Operational Excellence. He’s been recognized by Global Gurus as a ‘Top 10 Leadership Expert and Speaker’ has one of the Top 5 Leadership Blogs where has shared over 1300 articles. Gordon’s work has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Inc., Entrepreneur, Fortune, CEO World, Chicago Tribune and Addicted 2Success, and his articles have been translated into 21 languages. He’s written 4 books and his last book FAST - 4 Principles Every Business Needs to Achieve Success and Drives Results was a finalist in the Chartered Management Institute Management Book of the Year. Gordon has developed a highly successful and proven FAST Approach which helps simplify solutions, increases engagement, accountability and helps deliver results. He has shared with clients including Accenture, GE Aviation, Allianz, Baxter International, Arizona Dept of Child Safety, American Airlines and many others.

Coach Profile


Serene Seng is an international speaker, coach, and expert in the future of work and enterprise transformation with extensive knowledge in the areas of organisational development, human resource, business strategy, and tech within the banking, media, accounting, and technology sectors globally.

She is a renowned business transformation expert, with particular focus on cultural and digital transformation, having accumulated over 20 years' business strategy, management, and human capital experience in leadership, consulting, and coaching capacities with leading brands around the world.



Find a Coach™ Platform

  •    12 Live Learning sessions
  •    MBTI personality report
  •    Annual access of blogs
  •    Annual access of videos
  •    Annual access of podcasts
  •    Access to The Economist
  •    1:1 Coaching
  •    60 minutes virtual interaction
  •    Q&A
Starting from $350

per month
(Billed annually)



  • Our Coaches are extremely qualified and fully equipped to add value to you
  • The Coaches are either CXOs from Fortune 500 companies, thought leaders, subject matter experts or global trainers and coaches.
  • You can read each of the coach’s profile on the platform to handpick the coach for each session
  • All Coaches are fluent and will be open to conduct the session in English or Hindi, per your comfort
  • Select your preferred coach
  • Select the ‘REQUEST A SLOT’ button
  • Select your preferred date and time slot and proceed to make payment
  • Each 1:1 coaching session will be for a duration of 30 minutes
  • All coaching sessions will be held virtually on Google Meets
  • Once the coach accepts your preferred date and time, you will receive 1- a confirmation email and 2- calendar invite with the meeting link
  • However, if the coach is unavailable during your preferred time slot, you will receive 4 alternate slots within 48 hrs from the Coach spread over a period of 15 days. Select the slot that works best for you and you will receive 1- a confirmation email and 2- calendar invite with the meeting link
  • Why Executive Coaching? Executive coaching is a pivotal process that unlocks a managerial’s potential to work on business problems. It helps executives maximise their talent and personal effectiveness, while reducing stress. Executive coaching and mentoring has far-reaching benefits as it results in enhanced self-awareness that brings in, and sustains, positive change for an organisation.
  • An Executive Coach is a professional who specialises in developing an executive in terms of optimising leadership talent. An Executive Coach helps you make the transition from being an individual contributor to understanding the dynamics of developing others.
  • A professional business mentor is someone who asks the right questions. It’s an opportunity for managers being coached to step back and examine their assumptions and pre-existing beliefs and methods. The Executive Coach has no internal links with the organisation and therefore can be freely confided in.

As organisations increasingly recognise the importance of mental health, life coaching is gaining prominence. This kind of coaching is therapeutic and curative focusing on work-life balance, financial goals, health and fitness.


It enables organisations in unleashing the full potential of managerial talent and aligns them to the vision and growth of the organisation. An Executive Coach helps and mentors individuals into accepting greater accountability.


Executive Coaching helps performance movement of key managers in an organisation. Their remit is to guide managers along their desired career path in a manner that benefits both the individual as well as the company.


Executive Coaching helps potential leaders in an organisation enhance their all-round skill sets from communication skills to the dynamics of interpersonal relationships with team members. It helps leaders with fresh perspectives.

  • Executive coaching prepares leaders for the future by equipping them with the means to manage complexity, and helps them communicate and collaborate with large teams. In the fast pace of the corporate world, leaders have to be decisive. Certified executive coaching helps them separate wheat from the chaff and arrive at bold, pragmatic decisions.
  • It enables future leaders influence the potential of others. What they get from professional coaching is clarity and a sense of well-ordered priorities.


In an ever-evolving corporate landscape, where success hinges on innovation, adaptability, and empowered teams, investing in the growth and development of your most valuable asset—your people—becomes paramount. It’s not just about acquiring talent but nurturing and empowering your workforce to drive organizational excellence. Enter Find A Coach™, your trusted partner in fostering the growth of your organization through tailored coaching by 1000+ certified coaches with transformative learning experiences.

Endorsed by Global Companies

Find A Coach™ isn’t just a coaching platform; it’s a catalyst for organizational growth, endorsed by some of the world’s most influential B2B entities. Leading organizations like BMW, John Deere, Quora, Hyundai, Julius Baer, FICCI, Asian Paints, Maruti Suzuki, HDFC Ergo, Ashok Leyland, Shell, P&G, ISB, and countless others have entrusted Find A Coach™ to elevate their workforce and drive organizational success. Their partnership with us stands as a testament to the platform’s effectiveness and its potential to transform businesses.

Asia’s Premier Learning Destination

Find A Coach™ is the apex of Asia’s corporate learning landscape. We provide access to a carefully curated selection of highly sought-after certified coaches and thought leaders, delivering an extensive array of learning opportunities for your workforce. Our platform is your gateway to personalized 1:1 coaching and exclusive live learning sessions led by globally renowned certified coaches.

Empowering Organizational Growth with Find A Coach™

When you partner with Find A Coach™ for your B2B coaching needs, you’re making an investment that pays dividends in the form of organizational excellence. Here’s a glimpse of how our platform can enhance your organization:

1. A Global Network of 1000+ Certified Coaches : Connect your employees with a global network of over 1000 on-demand coaches and experts across diverse fields. Whether you’re seeking guidance in leadership, personal development, or any other domain, we have the perfect mentor to accelerate your team’s growth.

2. Live Learning Excellence : Connect your employees with a global network of over 1000 on-demand coaches and experts across diverse fields. Whether you’re seeking guidance in leadership, personal development, or any other domain, we have the perfect mentor to accelerate your team’s growth.

3. Comprehensive eLearning : Dive into a treasure trove of knowledge through our comprehensive eLearning resources. Access insightful blogs, thought-provoking podcasts, and enlightening videos designed to keep your workforce informed, inspired, and engaged.

Coaching Tailored to Your Organizational Needs

We understand that your organizational needs are unique, and cookie-cutter solutions don’t lead to growth. Find A Coach™ offers four distinct types of coaching to cater to your specific requirements:

1. Leadership Coaching : Effective leadership is the cornerstone of organizational success. Our leadership coaching equips potential leaders within your organization with the skills and perspectives needed to excel. From honing communication skills to mastering the dynamics of interpersonal relationships within teams, leadership coaching opens doors to fresh insights and exceptional leadership. more….

2. Performance Coaching : Performance coaching targets key managers within your organization, guiding them along their desired career path. This mutually beneficial partnership enhances individual performance while contributing positively to your company’s growth. more….

3. Business Coaching : Our business coaching empowers organizations to unleash the full potential of their managerial talent. By aligning individuals with your organization’s vision and growth, executive coaches mentor and guide, fostering greater accountability and success. more….

4. Life Coaching : In today’s world, mental health and work-life balance are paramount. Life coaching focuses on achieving financial goals, enhancing health and fitness, and nurturing overall well-being, aligning with your organization’s commitment to employee welfare. more….

The Find A Coach™ Advantage: Accelerating Organizational Growth

With Find A Coach™ platform, you’ll not only empower your employees with knowledge and skills but also unlock their potential to fuel your organization’s growth. Don’t miss the opportunity to propel your organization toward excellence by investing in the growth and development of your people. Partner with Find A Coach™ today and embark on a journey that will transform your business. Your path to organizational excellence begins here.

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